About Me


My background

I work as an adjunct lecturer in the English department at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. This is also where I earned my M.F.A. Additionally, I have worked as a Senior Copywriter in boutique agencies where I have written for clients such as, Home Decorator's Collection, Purina, and Flooring America. For a view of my portfolio,

CONTACT ME at LHSackett@gmail.com 


My writing roots

I have published the following stories:

  • A Point of Departure with Connotation Press
  • Somebody Else in Kentucky with Blacktop Passages
  •  The Birdcage Nests Within in The Weekly Knob through Medium Daily Digest
  • Burnt Prairie in Halfway Down the Stairs,
  • Man in Black in The Writing Disorder. 
  • The Family Blend with Crack the Spine
  •  I 'Love' Burt with Literally Stories
  • The Rome Club with Adelaide Magazine http://adelaidemagazine.org/summer2017_1.htmll
  • Pieces of Pride  with The Wagon http://thewagonmagazine.com/
  • Raising St. Elisabeth with Lunaris Review at http://lunarisreview.com/
  •  What the Looking Glass Reflects with Zany Zygote Review https://zanyzygotereview.com/2017/05/28/what-the-looking-glass-reflects/
  • Chess Match / The Bridge to Gratitude with Riverbabble http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue31/issue31.html 
  • The Price of Knowing with Thousandonestories http://thousandonestories.com/the-price-of-knowing-by-leah-sackett/
  • The Bridge to Gratitude with Red Fez, https://www.redfez.net/Fiction/boredom-bridge-to-gratitude-834?utm_source=authstats%20emailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=authstats%20emailer1
  • The Uninvited with Doorknobs and Body Paint http://www.iceflow.com/doorknobs/issue87/issueeightyseven.HTML
  • Three Lived in Fear with Mused http://www.bellaonline.com/review/issues/fall2017/f014.html
  • Sticker Shock with Two Sisters Writing and Publishing http://www.bellaonline.com/review/issues/fall2017/f014.html

I have publsihed the following Non-Fiction:

  • Purina Bag Builder Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgWxgYRipkk
  • Article on the 5 Cs of writing for the Web https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-cs-writing-web-leah-sackett/?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base%3BMqSTd9tfTIKOJLcKtBYcHQ%3D%3D
  • Coffee Break: Inspiration Article https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6309413224072691712/
  • Book Review https://2elizabeths.com/2017/09/book-review-hallelujiah-anyway-by-anne-lamott/
  • Essay - Bipolar for Dummies Finalist in Pen 2 Paper 2017 contest https://txdisabilities.submittable.com/gallery/0b5f54e5-372e-491b-a976-ad1c8a3b5b63/8384589/


My style

When writing for clients, I immerse myself in the brand. I  bring my usability analyst experience to the table when working across digital medium platforms. When writing fiction, I write  about characters at a crossroads. I put my characters on both literal and metaphorical journeys. I also enjoy coming of age pieces. Finally, I do write in both realist and surrealist styles. 

What Others Have Said

  I "love" Burt 

"This pleasing April blossom managed to put Edward D. Wood, Jr. and Burt Reynolds into my mental holding cell at the very same time. It also conjured up disco-era open shirts and gold chains which lay in exposed field of man moss and treasure trails.I blame and praise Ms. Leah for such unsettling images."   -  Walking Boss Cooper

The Family Blend 

" Wow – Leah Sackett’s The Family Blend is a masterful journey of haunted memory and hard hitting truth. I love the way she blended the light and darkness and brought both together in the ending. Would love to see more by this author!"  -


  What the Mirror Reflects

 "...soul chilling and marvelous. I would publish it twice if I could." Vivienne McLemore, Editor Zany Zygote Review  


 The Family Blend

 "...Fresh and Original."  Kerri Farrell Foley, Editor
Crack the Spine     

  Somebody Else in Kentucky 

"...how much I truly loved this story, and we're very excited to be working with you, and presenting this piece. It's not often I come across a refreshing read like this, let alone something I connect with so fluidly. " Thomas John Nudi, Editor
Blacktop Passages 

  Man in Black

 "...excellent - great characters and dialogue!" C.E. Lukather, Edtior The Writing Disorder     

Sticker Shock

" Love your story!! I burst out laughing at the end! " - Editor Catherine Marie Atkins Greenspan